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Notary Loose Certificate

Notary loose certificate

Attaching a Loose Certificate

  Sometimes, you’re going through the steps of completing your notarial act, and you realize there is no notarial wording attached to the document. What do you do?


Write in the Notarial Wording

  You can either write in the notarial wording on the front of the document, underneath the person’s signature, or you can write it on the back of the document. If there is no room then attach a loose certificate. It is not the preferred method to attach a loose certificate, it is always safer to type the notarial wording on the front or the back of the document. Having the notarial wording on the actual document helps decrease the chances of fraud.


Do Not Decide on the Notarial Act

  When the document does not contain any notarial wording pertaining to a certain act, you cannot decide which notarial act should be completed. You can only present the different notarial acts to the signer and ask them which they would like completed. If they do not know, direct them to the person who issued the document, who is receiving it or to a lawyer.


Do Not "Split Your Seal"

  Since fraud can occur more easily with a loose certificate, some suggest affixing two of your seals. We do not suggest this. They say after the notarial act is completed and you have signed and set your impression on the certificate, align the certificate with the document (ensuring you are lining them up carefully and properly) and affix your seal over both of them. So, half on the document and half on the certificate.  Troy Fain does not suggest ever splitting your seal in two.  Instead, you should state on the document “see attached certificate” and on the loose certificate you can describe the document it is attached to. This way the loose certificate and the document are connected, but you have not split your seal.   By writing the descriptions on the loose certificate and the document you are making it harder for them to be separated.


Record the Notarial Act in Your Record Book

  You should record in detail, the type of document, the length, and the type of notarial act for further insurance. In your comments, you should note you attached a loose certificate.   For more questions on how to complete a loose certificate or notarial acts, please call us at 800.385.7019.