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Vehicle Identifiication Number (VIN) Verification

The State of Florida allows a notary public to verify VIN numbers on vehicles. The process is fairly straight forward, but we will walk you though the step-by-step process to ensure there is no confusion!

How to Properly Dispose of Your Expired Notary Products

Have you ever wondered how to properly dispose of your expired Notary Public stamp or embossing seal? By simply throwing away your stamp or seal, you open yourself to potential theft of your information. There are a few ways that you could properly dispose of the stamp and seal to ensure that no one steals your information.

Can a Florida Notary Public Refuse to Notarize?


The answer is yes. At some point in your career, you may have to refuse a notarization due to certain circumstances. Florida law requires that a notary should refuse a notarization under the following circumstances:

Can a Notary Provide Legal Advice?

Sometimes as notaries we get confused about what kind of information we can offer clients—or we get confused about the authority of a notary. We are there solely to notarize the documents, not to explain the content to the client.

My First Florida Wedding – A Notary’s Perspective

A few months back, a dear friend of mine got engaged. The excitement of the moment started a conversation about her big day and her dreams of the perfect wedding. We chatted about the tiny details of the decorations, food and drinks. I then posed a question, “Who will officiate the wedding?”

Florida Notary Education

Florida law requires at least three hours of notary education training for all first-time notaries. The notary education training allows notaries to familiarize themselves with the notary laws and regulations. This helps you, the notary, make fewer mistakes performing your duties as a Florida notary public. 

November 7 – Notary Public Day

In honor of Notary Public Day on November 7 – we would like to share some fun facts about the Notaries Public:

Florida Governor Cracks Down on Notary Misconduct

Recently, roughly thirty Florida notaries had commissions revoked due to Governor Rick Scott taking action against notaries that violate responsibilities and duties of this public office. The Governor’s Office is taking notice of the importance the office of notary public holds and investigating infractions and deficiencies big and small when evaluating the quality of a Florida notary’s work.

NEW & IMPROVED Troy Fain Website

We are excited to announce that after months of hard work, Troy Fain Insurance has finally been able to launch its NEW website! You can access our site at www.troyfaininsurance.com. New layout, new pictures, new product information, a whole new look!