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Florida Notary Public Updates

Social Media For Your Notary Business

Social Media should be an integral part of any notary’s advertising strategies nowadays.

Notary businesses are like any other business– they need exposure. One of the best ways to get your name out there and to connect with the people in your community is through social media.

There are a plethora of different sites. Do your research before launching your social media campaign; you want to be utilizing each site and benefiting from them. We suggest joining one at a time, so you can focus on each and then tackle another one. Each site has a different focus,and should be used differently. They allow you to display different facets of your company and expose your business to different people.

Here is our breakdown of each social media site and the most common uses for each:



One of the best ways to keep your circle up-to-date about where you are and what you’re doing. Twitter may only be 280 characters, but you can make a huge impact with it. Letting people know where you are or what your business is up to allows you to stay in constant contact.

You can search for people looking for a notary in your area or comment when you are available. Post pictures or videos of your day of interesting things you’ve encountered or simply just updates of where you are and your availability.

For Twitter, keep it short and to the point.



Probably the most popular still and a pillar in the social media world. Facebook can be a hub of all of your activity. You can post your blogs and longer updates here.

Photos, videos and updates are also all available on Facebook. Facebook does not have a character limit, but you should still keep it relatively short (people will lose interest in your novel of a status update).



Pinterest allows you to delve into other areas with your business. What about decorating your office? How to keep your car organized? Craft projects? How to dress for signings? You can link back to your website or any blogs you have to increase links as well. There’s an endless number of ideas on Pinterest and you can have another kind of relationship with your clients. You may catch the eye of a different client with that information.



Instagram allows you to have a photo montage of your business. You can show the different places you’re visiting throughout the day, or take a congratulatory selfie after a difficult signing. Maybe a picture of your large coffee at the beginning of the day to start your packed day of signings. It’s more insight into you as a person and not just a business.


Notary Websites

There are a plethora of notary websites where you can create a profile and link yourself to them, such as American Society of Notaries or 123Notary. There you can input your notary business information, the area you service, your fees and any other information you would like to include. This helps to expose you, and also provides a notary community for you. Many of these sites also have forums, such as ours, where you can ask for advice and clarify notary regulations.


One Message

Although you’re marketing a different facet of your company through each social media site, you still want one fluid message for them. Be sure you are consistent and precise with your marketing message across all platforms. Do you want to focus on your business as a mobile notary? Or do you want to focus on your signing agent experience? Find a catchphrase and a theme for your business; you can tie your social media efforts together with one message.

Don’t forget you can analyze each of your social media presences with Google Analytics or most platforms have their own analytics information center for you. You can usually get an idea of what’s working and how to connect with your followers and your community with some trial and error. You can always ask for advice on these networks. Social media is all about being social. You don’t only want to push your own agenda but give people an idea of who you are as a notary and as a business.

Although you’re marketing a different facet of your company through each social media site, you still want one fluid message for them. Be sure you are consistent and precise with your marketing message across all platforms.