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How to Set Up Your Home Office

setting up your home office

  You’re working from home. You want to be comfortable in your home office, but you also want to give off the right impression to your clients when they enter the space as well.   Open desk If you have a desk with your computer and other materials on it, it may be a good idea to have a separate smaller table for completing notarial acts. You want an open space where you can lay out documents if necessary and both parties can clearly see what’s happening in the transaction.   De-Clutter It’s your home office, so we want it to have some of your personality (and we know you do too!), and you should be comfortable in that space, but don’t go overboard. There should be a comfortable place for your client to sit and not be overboard with any of the decorations. Would you be comfortable and feel confident if you were walking into that space for the first time?   Extra Office Supplies Extra pens and paper are never a bad idea! Some practice impressions are sometimes necessary, or you need an extra pen for a witness to sign. Have extras handy in your drawer or out on your desk. (We know people “borrow” them and it gets frustrating, but it’s sadly part of the job.)   Equipment Be sure it’s an area of your house that has strong internet connection. Can all of your cords reach your desk and not be in the way? Where is your scanner/ fax machine in relation to your printer? Is it easily accessible? Do you have an area you can lock your notary supplies in at the end of the day? Pinterest is a great resource for all sorts of ideas and fixes. Your office should be a reflection of your business. Your personality can shine through, while still have a professional area to conduct business.