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Rejected Application vs Denied Application

hgj   If your application to become a notary public is not accepted, it will be given one of two statuses: Rejected or Denied. While they may sound like the same thing, they are not and the process to re-apply is different for each.   Rejected If your application is rejected, the Governor’s office provides a reason for the rejection (usually something small, such as missing documentation). There is no waiting period for reapplying, and you can do so as soon as the information requested by the Governor is provided. Denied When your application is complete, with no missing documentation, the Governor’s office can choose to deny or accept your request to become a notary public. If the Governor’s office denies your application, no reason for their denial is given. Reapplying, in this instance, can only occur 1 year after the date listed on your denied signed application. It is recommended that you provide more information when reapplying, though it is not required that you do so.