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Notary Dress Code

Notary Dress CodeThere is no set dress code for notaries. It’s harder, in essence, for your job, since you are completing varying assignments. Even though, you are not in an office setting, there are still standards you are expected to adhere to. Especially, if you are a signing agent.


As a notary public, you conduct assignments which are very nerve wrecking for some of the participants. Many times when you are notarizing loan documents for someone, the money is going towards buying their first home.  That’s a stressful process!


You can ease some of the stress not only with your demeanor and your full understanding of the loan process, but also by your first impression and your personal appearance.


Flip flops are a no. We’re in Florida, we understand the temptation to wear flip flops for everything, but would you wear flip flops to your bank job?


No revealing outfits. You want the borrower to feel comfortable, and not be distracted by your outfit. Preferably no tank tops or shorts.


Take into account the location. Your signings will occur at varying locations. We think you should stick to these ideals on any signing, butpay special attention to those happening at more corporate environments. If the signing is at a bank or an office, you should definitely stick to the business casual rule. Err on the side of caution.


Stay business casual. We aren’t suggesting you wear a suit and tie to your signings, but you should be business casual. This is your job, and your outfits should reflect that. When you’re getting dressed for a signing, ask yourself would you like your signing agent to arrive in the outfit you have on?  That’s usually the best indicator of if you feel you are underdressed for an assignment.


The way you dress for an assignment can also reflect on your reputation. If one of the employees or the borrower complains about your appearance to the title company or the signing agent company, it will not reflect well on you.


Our advice: you can never be overdressed.


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