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The Easiest Way to
Become a Notary or Renew
Your Commission

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Data Safety

In this age, digital safety is harder than people think it is. As a notary public, you have plenty of sensitive information.

Protecting that information is one of the most important, and hardest, aspects of your job.





If you work from home, have a separate account and login for your notary work. Your notary office should be treated like a real office, and have all of the security and precautions of a work building. Do not share your password with others, and do not use your business login for personal things.



If you’re a mobile notary and use public Wi-Fi, please be cautious. If you’re working on sensitive documents always ask yourself, “would I feel comfortable with someone working on this on a public Wi-Fi connection?” Always veer on the side of being overly cautious.



Create different passwords for each of your notary accounts and for each of your signing companies. Try to make them as difficult as possible by not using words but rather letters mixed with symbols and numbers. If you do need to write your passwords down to be able to remember them all, do so in a secure location. Do not store them all together.


Record Book

Keep your record book in a safe location. It should be not left on top of your desk at the end of the day or laying on your table at home—at the very least put it away in a drawer, preferably a drawer that locks.


Notary Supplies

Hide away your stamp. You know that old saying that you shouldn’t tempt people? Don’t leave your information and all of your notary supplies out so someone could easily “borrow” them.