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Security for a notary public comes in two forms, personal security and client security. Data needs to stay secure. You need to feel safe when meeting new clients and driving around town. First and foremost you need to keep yourself safe, only that way can you keep your data secure.

Notary Security

Personal Safety

As a notary, you are often meeting strangers to complete notarial acts. Majority of the time, this will never be a problem, but you should always be prepared just in case.


Try to meet in public places whenever possible. You never know how a signing will end up and who will be happy with the process, meeting in public places gives you an added level of security. We know this can be difficult when you’re a signing agent and completing loan documents (it’s a lengthier process), so when you are meeting someone at their home be sure to let someone knowwhere you are meeting, when you are meeting and how long it should take. That way someone can contact you to ensure the meeting went well.


Stay aware of your surroundings and the attitude of the signer. You should always be aware of your surroundings, where the door is, how the people around you are acting, and have an exit plan.


Have your phone charged. Not only is this good business practice to enable you to pick up calls from more clients, but it will also help you if you need it. (Of course, only pick up your phone when you are not in a meeting or in the middle of a notarial act.) If you’re running late, or you can’t find the signer, you need a charged phone. If you do feel uncomfortable in a situation, being able to call the signing company or someone to make them aware of the situation. Investing in a car charger, or a portable phone charger may be a good idea if your phone battery is usually struggling by the end of the day.


Avoid talking on the phone while driving. We know it’s always so tempting to text the signer and let them know you’re five minutes away,or pick up a call from another potential client, but you should always be focused on the road. You probably already have a million things running through your head with a list of activities for the day. Take a break from it all and focus on driving; you can return phone calls when you’ve reached the destination.


Car: For mobile notaries, their car is one of their biggest necessities so make sure you’re keeping it properly maintained. With constant driving for your job though, ensure you have an emergency kit with you—you never know what may happen.


                 Emergency kit: The kit could include a flashlight (with extra batteries), a car charger, a blanket, jumper cables, water, hand sanitizer, water, a granola bar, and anything else you think could be helpful in an unforeseen accident.


                 Gas: Always have more gas than you think you’ll need. At least be fueled up enough to get to the notary appointment and back. You never know what situation you will be in or when another client may call for an immediate service, so we recommend always being prepared.


Majority of your signings should go smoothly and textbook, but every once-in-awhile you may encounter one that you wish you would have been prepared for. Following this tips will help you never be put in a precarious position as a notary public.


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