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Difference in Notary Stamps

All of our offered stamps will include all your necessary information that is required for a Florida notary. So, then how do you choose which stamp you want? Though, they all contain the same information, they all cater to different needs.

Rectangular Self-Inking Notary Stamp

Difference in Notary Stamps

  • Most popular
  • Comes in our packages
  • Standard notary stamp

Our most popular stamp is the Trodat P4. It’s light and portable, but large enough to encompass all your necessary information (your seal, your commission number and your expiration date).

The stamp itself has a clear window along the base, allowing you to evenly, and precisely, line up your seal on a document. The Rectangular Stamp comes in the most color options with 12: grey, mango, lilac, black, white, fuchsia, green, red, blue, mint, light pink, and purple.

It stays in line with our company’s, and hopefully everyone’s, green goals by containing 65%* post-consumer recycled plastic.

Round Self-Inking Notary Stamp

notary stamp

  • Makes an impression the same size and shape as the Florida Embosser.
  • Photographically reproducible

Florida allows you to pick the shape of your seal, so your other option for your commission information is a round stamp. It is equal in size and format to the impression made by the Florida Notary Embosser, but the Round Notary Stamp allows you to have a photographable seal impression on your documents.

Instead of a clear window, like the Rectangular Stamp, it has an opening along its base—making it just as easy for you to align your seal properly. It comes in three color options: red, blue or black.

Mobile Notary Stamp

notary stamp florida

  • Small and compact
  • Triangle when opened, but flat when locked.

The Mobile Notary Stamp is perfect for notaries public on-the-go. It is small and compact, but still includes all of your necessary information. The ink pad slides into the stamp to make an aligned, slim case. When you’re ready to use it the stamp pops out and creates a triangle for you to grip the top of it.

It comes in eight color options: green, silver, blue, red, charcoal, yellow, orange and fuchsia.

Round Industrial Self-Inking Stamp

Difference in Notary Stamps

  • Heavy duty
  • Produces thousands of impressions
  • Makes an impression the same size and shape as the Florida Embosser.

If you’re constantly notarizing things and are a tad rougher on your notary products, the Industrial Stamps provides the best results. It is the largest of the options.

Like the Round Self-Inking Stamp, The Industrial Round Self-Inking Stamp has no window, but an open base which allows for precise placement of your seal. With a sturdy handle on top to grip to easily create the impression.


*The ECO-black and ECO-grey. Other colors have lower percentages. To read more visit

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