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How to Find a Notary

We usually focus on the notaries public, but what about the customers trying to find them? Where do they start?

 How to Find a Notary

Many people call us wondering how to go about finding a notary public.

If you’re in the area, Troy Fain has notaries public onsite who can complete your notarial act during business hours (8 a.m. – 5 p.m.) or can arrange to meet you in the evenings.

In general though, there are some go-to areas to find notary.


1.Notary Locator Tools


Simply try searching for notaries in your area and Notary Locator Tools should pop up in your feed. Some simply ask for your zip code and provide a list of notaries in your area, while others allow you to specify your search per notarial act or requirements for the notary (such as must have an email listed or have a fax machine).


2. Banks or Mailing Institutions


Call your local bank, and we’re pretty sure they have a notary public on site. There’s a plethora of banks all over town now, so you can swing by one when completing errands or on your way home from work.

Mailing facilities also now have notaries public available. Places such as UPS or Pak Mail usually have someone available for your notarial needs.


3. Ask Around


Social media is a great resource to ask about any business, but you’ll be surprised by what your friends can suggest. We frequently see posts through our personal accounts of inquiries for officiates for weddings or notaries public for school related documents.

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