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Troy Fain Takes Notary Privacy Seriously

Peace of mind when it comes to your personal information is hard to get these days. With the onset of technology, it’s never easy to know where your personal information will end up. With many companies selling your information or allowing third parties access to it, extra caution with who we offer information to is never a bad idea.



Troy Fain does NOT store any of your credit card information, and will not sell any of your personal information to third parties for commercial reasons. We understand you are trusting us with highly sensitive information, and we want to respect your privacy.


The only time a third party would be involved with your transaction would be if we need credit card authorization or for processing your mailing. These third parties are only privy to the information they need to complete the task. Third parties are strictly prohibited from using your personal information for any other purposes than the one we contract them for.


Not only do we not sell or lease your information, we make it a priority to ensure our website is secure so your information cannot be accessed. Our server is wiped clean to ensure someone cannot later access your data.


Please read our Privacy Policy for all of our company details.


For peace of mind, use Troy Fain to order your new Florida notary supplies, order insurance, become a Florida notary for the first time or renew your Florida notary commission, or any of your other notary needs. For a full list of our products and offers, please visit our Troy Fain website today.

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