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Group Errors Omissions Insurance

Do you have a business that employs several notaries? Did you know that you could get a Group Errors & Omissions Insurance plan to cover all of your notaries? Troy Fain Insurance does not just provide individual Errors & Omissions Insurance, we also provide group policies.


Our group E&O policies last for one year. They cover the employer and any notaries that are employed as well.


At all times, Troy Fain’s policy will have all of your notaries insured; even if a notary is hired during the year of coverage, they will be covered too! When you renew your policy with Troy Fain Insurance, simply let us know about your new notary employee so we can be sure to update your policy.


The coverage extends past the employees to encompass the employer as well—we know everyone needs some added protection.


We try to cover you in any way to limit damage caused from unintentional mistakes; and with Troy Fain you will be covered constantly. Because we cover each notary in your office, as well as the company, the Group Errors & Omissions Insurance also covers any notarial acts that occur outside of the office. We have you covered from every aspect.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us today at 800-385-7019. Learn more about our E&O Insurance policies and our individual insurance policies on the Troy Fain Insurance website.


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