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New stamp, less mess! Trodat Printy P4 Ink pad replacement

With the release of the new eco-friendly Trodat Printy P4 self-inking stamp comes a cleaner and easier way to replace the ink pad! Before, it was pretty much a given you would end up with ink on your fingers in attempting to replace the ink pad in the Printy P3. With the new and improved stamp design, the ink pad can be replaced with two fingers – two fingers that stay clean! Follow the steps below to see how easy it is to replace the ink pad on your new Trodat Printy.

1. Hold the stamp face down in your hand. Gently compress until the stamp pad is fully visible, about mid-way. Slide the switch into the locked position.

2. Place your thumb and index finger on the ribbed tabs at each end of the ink pad. Apply mild pressure and pull to remove the current ink pad from the stamp and discard.

3. Grab your new ink pad by the same ribbed tabs and slide it in to the ink pad opening on the back of your stamp.

4. Once the new ink pad is almost in, place your finger on the middle center of the ink pad and press to ensure the ink pad is securely in place.

It’s that simple! The new ink pads can even be used in the older Printy models as well! If you have any questions regarding your Trodat Printy, please call our fantastic Florida customer service department at 800.385.7019. We are always happy to help!

New stamp, less mess! Trodat Printy P4 Ink pad replacement

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