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An easy way to meet your notary education requirements.

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How to Renew as a Notary Public

How do I renew my Florida notary commission?

Renewing your notary commission is easy with Troy Fain Insurance. If you still meet the requirements to be a notary and read the Notary Public laws, Troy Fain Insurance can supply you with the notary application, bond and supplies though our online application process. Simply answer the questions, customize your notary package and complete payment. Make sure you print, sign and mail your completed forms to Troy Fain Insurance. We'll take care of the rest!

What are the requirements to renew as a notary?

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be a legal resident of Florida
  • Must be able to read, write and comprehend the English language
  • Must read the notary public laws

Furthermore, if you are not a U.S. citizen, you must provide a recorded Declaration of Domicile, which can be obtained from your county Clerk's office. If you have been convicted of a felony, you must have your civil rights restored in order to become a notary. You must report any criminal charges, whether or not convicted on your notary application.

Where can I find the laws and rules for being a Notary?

You will find laws regarding Florida Notaries in Chapter 117 of the Florida Statues.

Does placing an order automatically renew my commission?

No, only the commissioning authority can issue a Notary commission. The Florida Governor's Office, Notary Section, and the Florida Secretary of State's Office, Notary Commissions and Certifications Section, handle the commissioning process in the state of Florida.

I am a renewing notary, but I was one years ago and am just renewing my commission. Do I have to re-take the education course?

It depends on when you were last commissioned and if you were previously commissioned in Florida.

If you were commissioned in Florida within the last 15 years, it is not required you take the education course, again.

We recommend, if you feel you need a refresher, to either take the course, or review your Florida Notary Handbook. The law only requires you to take the education course once every 15 years, but you should also use that as a guideline. If you feel you do not remember every aspect of being a notary public, please take the time to refresh yourself on those areas. Confirm if it's still 15 years.

I was a notary in another state, do I need to take the course?

All first-time Florida applicants are required to complete a state-approved notary education course, even if you have previously been a notary in another state. Visit our Florida Notary Education page to learn more about our online notary course.

How long does it take to renew my notary commission?

Upon receiving your completed paperwork, Troy Fain Insurance will hand-deliver your application to the State of Florida. The commission process takes approximately three business days, unless of an issue with your notary application. Once we receive your commission information from the state, your certificate and products will be mailed within three business days.

What are common reasons my notary application can be rejected or delayed?

  • Date of birth does not match state records
  • Ask Trin and Kerry for info 

How long does a notary commission last?

In the state of Florida, your notary commission term is 4 years.

What do I do with an expired notary stamp?

When your commission expires you need to ensure you are properly disposing of your expired materials. This means none of your materials should be usable when you throw them away-- you do not want to toss a seal that can still be used to make an impression.

To ensure an impression cannot be made, we recommend you remove the rubber impression pad from the base of the stamp and cut it into pieces. To be extra secure you can toss the pieces in separate trash bins.

For the embosser, break the die insert into two pieces, or as many pieces as you can. If you cannot break it, file some of the raised portions of the insert so it will not create an impression.

Never throw your old commission information away fully intact, you do not want someone using your information.