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Fundamentals of Customer Service



In honor of customer service week, we thought we would share with you what we consider to be a few of the fundamentals of good customer service.


Customer service should focus on the customer

This may seem obvious, but not all businesses effectively put this focus into practice.

As a notary public, or someone working in customer service, it is important to remember that you are in the business of people. How you conduct yourself and interact with your clients can have an astronomical impact on the success of your business.

So how should you conduct yourself?


Be Patient

If you’re a notary, it is important to remember that not everyone has as much experience with notarial acts as you do. If your client is confused or doesn’t know what act should be performed, do your best to explain to them the different options they have.

REMEMBER: While you can explain the different notarial acts and their purposes to them, you cannot suggest they use one notarial act over another. If they are still unsure after your explanation, encourage them to speak with their lawyer or the party that drafted the document.


Exhibit Clear Communication

If you work in customer service you are probably aware that by the time a customer contacts you, they are already frustrated and/or confused. The best way to alleviate those feelings is with direct communication. Before ending a conversation, always confirm that all the client’s questions and concerns have been addressed.

As a notary public, this is extremely important. Your job as a notary public is predominantly to prevent fraud. Understandably, then, most occasions that require a notary public to perform an authorized duty are significant to the client soliciting your services. If it is important to your client, then it should be important to you. This is an essential component of good customer service.


Be Adaptive

Working with people is a continuous learning process. Not only do the needs of people change over time, but people themselves change as they adapt to the various situations life throws at them.

In the long term, it is vital that you retain the ability to adapt to changing times, needs, and people.

In the short term, however, your adaptability is imperative to handling unforeseen problems. Let’s face it, you can’t predict every issue that will arise. You can, however, learn to efficiently reach resolutions to predicaments you may not have dealt with before.




Know of any other good customer service practices? We would love to hear your thoughts on it!

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