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Questions to Ask Before Your Notarization

what to ask before a notarization

What kind of document?

Remember you are not a lawyer as a notary; you cannot offer advice on what notarial act should take place. If the client is confused, you can only advise them to call whomever is receiving the document for clarification.

How many pages?

Are there multiple pages to the document and multiple pages that require a notarial act? With certain acts you can charge after a certain number of pages or for multiple notarial acts.

Examine the Document (Are there any blanks? Is it dated?)

After you have determined the kind of document and how many pages it is, examine the document. Only examine it for blanks—it should be a completed form before you perform the notarial act. Also, ensure the dates correlate to the date the notarial act is completed, it cannot be pre- or post-dated,

Discuss the fees (if you decide to charge one).

Before the notarial act takes place you should clarify the cost to the client. You do not want any discrepancies at the end. If there are travel costs involved you should specify those, and they should be separate from the cost of the notarial act on a detailed cost sheet.

Complete the Steps for a Notarial Act                          

After you have clarified the notarial act taking place, the fees, and determined the document is complete, you can start the notarial act. Remember to require personal appearance, a valid and approved form of ID and to ensure the signer understands the document contents.


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