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How to Get Perfect Impressions – Every Time

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Have you ever wondered how to get a perfect impression when you use your Notary Public stamp? There are several ways to ensure that you will get a proper impression when using your notary stamp. 


The first step to a perfect impression is to make sure you are using a quality stamp. Some stamps could be poorly made and not properly inspected before you receive the product. After you buy the first product from a company you can always tell, but pictures and the manufacturer of stamps can also tell a lot before you make a purchase. Troy Fain prides itself on only offering the best to our customers, and our in-house notaries use all of our own products. Our selection of stamps and embossers also ensures top quality.


Once you have your well-made stamp, a perfect impression can only be made if the stamp is not over inked. If there is too much ink in the cartridge or in the reservoir, bleeding occurs and the impression may not be crisp and clear. The best way to check to see if your stamp is over inked is to test it. Use it several times on a sheet of paper to see if each impression is clear.


Opposite the over-inked stamp is an under-inked stamp. Parts of the impression could be void of ink, leaving the impression only partially complete. The whole point of the seal is voided if it doesn’t clearly show your commission number and expiration date. Test your stamp before using it. This is especially important to do if it has been a while since your last signing.


The most frequent cause of a ruined impression is an uneven surface; the surface that you are using for the signing must be flat. If the surface has imperfections, even the smallest bump or crack could alter the image of the stamp. It is best to check the surface before you place the documents on it. If you have checked the surface but are still curious if it may alter the impression, practice with a test stamp on scrap paper before the signing to be sure. This is not a problem if you complete the notarization on a desk, but for many mobile notaries they have to check the area before the signing. Sometimes, those fast food tables aren’t as perfect as you think…


The best way to be sure that your impressions will be clean and crisp every time is to practice using your stamp. If you get a new stamp and have not used it yet, this is most important. As always, be sure to properly dispose of any practice papers you may have used in the process to ensure no one could steal your commission information. When in doubt, test, re-test and determine!

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