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Updated Marriage License Requirements for Leon County, FL

 TF wedding license updates

Leon County has updated their requirements for the marriage license. The two major changes are:

-          Black ink is now required.

-          Your stamp should be affixed in the Certificate of Marriage section. Be sure to not place your stamp over any of the writing or the marriage license will be denied.


As before, the marriage license must be presented to the individual performing the ceremony before the ceremony begins. Also, the license should be completed as Certificate of Marriage with the date, city, signature, printed name, title and full address. After the ceremony it is the couple’s responsibility to return the license to the Clerk of Court within ten (10) days. A certified copy of the marriage license will be sent to the address provided by the couple.


Before performing a wedding ceremony, please check your county regulations. Some specifics may have changed, and as a notary it is your duty to adhere to the requirements of the county the marriage license was issued in.

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