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Can the Florida Notary Commission Transfer to Another State?

You just became a Florida notary but now find yourself moving out of state. Unfortunately, you cannot transfer your Florida Notary commission to another state- this is not a Troy Fain rule, but a state of Florida law.


Before you apply elsewhere, you must resign your commission in Florida by contacting the Florida Governor’s office. You will be required to send a signed letter of resignation along with your certificate. Unless the Governor requests your seal be returned as well, you are responsible for its destruction. For instructions about properly destroying your notary seal watch our how–to video.


Once you suitably resign from being a Florida notary public, you are free to become a notary in whatever state you choose. Since each state has different regulations concerning their notaries, you must apply to become a notary once you have established residence in your new state.


If you ever move back to Florida, remember that Troy Fain Notary can help you with all your notary renewal needs.


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