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Notary Public Issues: Elderly Client With No Identification

One issue some notaries may run into is lack of proper identification for an elderly client.


They may not have a need for a driver’s license and also do not have an ID card to use as proof of identification. It is important to remember that expired driver’s licenses cannot be accepted as valid identification. A simple reminder to have proper identification to your elderly clients will benefit you and them during the signing process.


To ensure your clients have ample time to acquire a valid identification card, explain the requirements before the signing date. If you are communicating through a third party, such as a caregiver, make sure that they are also aware.


An easy way to get the word out there is to advertise the requirements on your free social media exchanges like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. People searching for your business through these outlets could easily find your requirements and be prepared when it comes time for the notarization.


These requirements are all outlined in the Florida Notary Public Handbook. You are always welcome to direct client calls to Troy Fain Notary customer service at 850-224-3156 (local) and 800-385-7019 (toll-free).


A well-informed person will be prepared for the notary process, and make your job that much easier.

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