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How to Properly Dispose of Your Expired Notary Products

Have you ever wondered how to properly dispose of your expired Notary Public stamp or embossing seal? By simply throwing away your stamp or seal, you open yourself to potential theft of your information. There are a few ways that you could properly dispose of the stamp and seal to ensure that no one steals your information.

The stamp has a rubber polymer that is placed on with an adhesive. Before you remove the polymer, remove and throw the ink cartridge in the garbage as it cannot be recycled. You should be able to remove the rubber polymer by peeling it off. If it is difficult to remove, tweezers or pliers can be used. Once you have removed the rubber polymer, use scissors to cut it into several pieces. You may want to throw the pieces of the rubber polymer away in different garbage bins to ensure no one can put them together and use them. The rubber polymer cannot be recycled. If you no longer have use for the stamp, it can be recycled as it is made out of recycled plastics. The stamp body is reusable and we would be happy to assist you with replacing the rubber polymer with the correct information (including your new expiration date). Please give us a call to help you with this.


 The embosser insert can be removed from the embosser and broken apart. The tension should not be too strong for you to pull it apart. When the insert is removed, simply move the arms in the opposite direction of each other. Instead of pressing them together to “close” the gap, pull them apart to “open” them. They should snap in half and both pieces can be recycled. If you no longer need the embosser body, you may also recycle that part.


 When in doubt of the best way to dispose of your unused or expired products, please feel free to send them back to Troy Fain Notary. We are happy to recycle the products for you, free of charge! If you wish to continue to use your embosser or stamp, we can replace the rubber polymer for the stamp and the insert for the embosser. All it takes is a quick phone call to our friendly customer service team to get your order placed, processed and on its way to you!

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