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Florida Notary Education

TF educationFlorida law requires at least three hours of notary education training for all first-time notaries. The notary education training allows notaries to familiarize themselves with the notary laws and regulations. This helps you, the notary; make fewer mistakes performing your duties as a Florida notary public. The education course will help answer many of your questions about notarial duties and different policies; it also addresses the difference between the notary bond which protects the public and notary errors & omissions insurance that protects the notary.

Not all education courses are approved by the state though, and, thus, will not fulfill the requirement. Troy Fain Insurance offers a state-approved education course; which is not only open to new notaries, but any returning notaries that feel they need a refresher on the basics.

The Troy Fain Florida Notary Education Course is completely online. This provides you 24/7 access to the course material and allows you to complete the course at your own pace. With a low price of just $20.00, Troy Fain’s education course is the best way to fulfill the state of Florida requirement or brush up on your notary skills. Follow this link to sign up today!

As always, Troy Fain Insurance is here to answer any questions you may have about notary education or how to properly perform your duties as a Florida notary public. Please feel free to contact us via our Facebook, Twitter, or our customer care hotline at 850-224-3156 (local) or at 800-385-7019 (toll-free).


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