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Possible Enactment of Record Book Requirement for Florida Notaries

Florida Senate Bill 172 was passed by the Florida Senate yesterday and is being sent to the House for consideration. The bill will have to be accepted quickly in order to become law because Sine Die is just one week from today.  Check back next week for further information on this potential Florida notary law change.

 As of today, it is NOT required by Florida law to keep a record book but it is highly suggested for all notaries. The record book should contain the exact details of the notarization including but not limited to the time, place, person, etc. Here is a compiled list of why it is important to keep a record book:

-The record book can serve as a reminder of the steps you should be taking.

-Could protect you against a claim of negligence.

-Proof you notarized a document if the notarial certificate has been destroyed in any way.

-Prove that a signature of a notarial certificate is yours.

-Help prove if fraud has occurred.

-Refresh your memory if you are called to testify.

If you are in need of a Florida notary record book check out our website for the latest notary supplies!

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