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Which Florida Notary Package Should I Choose?

When becoming a notary or renewing your notary commission with Troy Fain Insurance, you have the option between two different notary packages; Regular and Premier. The regular package includes ONLY state-required products. The premier includes everything the regular package does; it just provides a little more security, protection and education information for the notary.

Both packages include 4 year $7,500 Notary Bond required by state of Florida. The bond protects the public against any mistakes you may make, paying anyone financially harmed by you up to that amount. Also includes the mandatory state application fee, your online notary education course (new notaries only), and a rectangular self-inking stamp with free choice of ten case colors.

What the premier package includes that the regular does not is a $25,000 Errors & Omissions Insurance policy. This is insurance for you! As a notary, you may be sued or wrongly accused of a mistake, E & O insurance offers you protection. The insurance will cover the cost of the legal transactions up to $25,000. Furthermore, the package also includes a record book. Troy Fain suggests any notary keep a record book; it can help you if you are ever accused of any mistakes or if anyone questions a notarization. Recently, a few crimes have even been solved with the fingerprints from a notary’s record book!  The Florida Notary handbook is the final product in the Premier package, to ensure you are up-to-date on Florida notary public policies and procedures.

No matter which package you choose, Troy Fain Insurance will be able to assist you in your desire to be a successful notary public.




In the Troy Fain online application, you are allowed to UPGRADE your package notary stamp and select any other notary embossers, insurance, notary certificates or notary accessories that we offer!  Start your Florida notary application today with Troy Fain!



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