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How Long Will It Take Me To Become a Notary Public?

The decision to apply to the office of Notary Public is a great one. But now that you’ve made it, you may be wondering how long it will actually take for you to get commissioned?

To start, you must complete an education course.

Troy Fain Insurance offers a cheap and flexible course that is approved by the state. Once you have completed the education requirement, you must mail, fax, or scan and email us your signed education certificate.

Once we receive your education certificate and all other pertinent application documents/information, we can submit your application to the Secretary of State’s Office for approval.

What’s the best part about submitting your application through Troy Fain Insurance? We HAND DELIVER your application to the state the day it is completed!

After the state receives your completed application, it generally takes 2-3 days for a decision on your application to be made.

Once approved, your order is immediately sent to our production team that gets your notary products in the mail within 2 days.

All in all, once we receive your completed application and signed education certificate, you can expect your notary products within 7-10 business days*. That’s all it takes!


*If the state deems your application incomplete or requires further information/documentation, the process may take longer to accommodate reapplications.


Information Regarding Renewals:

Renewals can only apply for re-commissioning within 4 months of their expiration date. How can Troy Fain help make sure you are re-commissioned as soon as possible?

Send us your completed renewal paperwork in advance and we will send your application to the state immediately upon eligibility!

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