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Can I Notarize Handwritten Documents?


how to notarize handwritten documents

  Yes, as a notary public you can notarize handwritten documents, in certain circumstances. As always, you have to be careful, trust your gut and follow protocol.   School permission forms or giving someone medical permission for your child are valid handwritten documents. Someone claiming they are the Prince of Persia may not be as legitimate.   The same steps should be followed when completing a notarial act with a handwritten document as for any other document. Ensure the person is physically present, proper ID is presented, they understand what they are signing and appear willing, and there are no blanks.   After you have determined the right protocol is followed, complete the notarial act. As with any other document, you cannot suggest which kind of notarial act should be completed. You can present them with their various options and explain each, if they cannot choose, you cannot pick for them. You can direct them to the person receiving the document, whoever issued it or a lawyer.   The notarial wording should be attached to the document, if you cannot, then attached a loose certificate. You can handwrite the notarial wording when there is limited space, but for most handwritten documents there will be plenty of room to attach a typed certificate.   For questions about specific documents or about the process, please call our customer service.